Recapping Hurricane Season with Photographer Cory Ransom

Surf photographer Cory Ransom has not only been a friend of the Patrol Team for a while now, but the dude also lives in his collection of .32 Chore Pants. Having a guy in your squad willing to get in the water with his camera just to take photos of the boys is always a welcome scenario. Cory has a similar background to us, growing up ski racing in the Northeast. He got into action sports photography after finishing his racing career halfway through his tenure at St. Lawrence University. No longer on the ski-team, Cory followed his teammates, shooting NCAA ski racing events across the country.

We caught up with Cory the other day while he was traveling for the World Surf League event in Hossegor, France. Cory is on the cusp of big things in the world of professional surf photography, and grabbing a VIP credential to shoot the WSL up close certainly seems like a big step in the right direction.
You might not expect a man with his skill set to be based in Brooklyn, but for those in the know, fall in New York has a tendency to fire. This year is no exception. In Cory's eyes, it’s “been the best fall of [his] entire life.” Three Hurricanes tracking perfectly have produced six weeks of sustained epic swell, the likes the East Coast has never seen. Early morning dawn patrols have paid off, culminating with one morning during Maria, when he paddled out into a pumping Atlantic that was manufacturing perfect a-frames, well overhead. After snapping a few of his boys in stand up barrels, he paddled back out with his board, managing to secure a few of those waves for himself. The images that Cory bagged this hurricane season have been quite the treat.

After the past few weeks, it's no surprise that his favorite location to shoot from the water  (meaning with his water tight camera housing and swim fins) is in New York, while his favorite place to shoot from the beach is “anywhere in Maine”. He favors the beautiful craggy beaches in his home state over the coastline of Eastern Queens and Western Long Island, which is framed by rows of high-rise apartment buildings and housing projects, a constant reminder of Robert Moses' "urban renewal" project in the 1950s.

Cory hasn’t quite reached the point where he’s paying the bills with his camera, but he maintains that his passion has deepened his connection to the ocean and his strong group of friends he’s built surfing and shooting around New York.

Expect to see Cory's name in big name media outlets soon. His eyes are set on a Surfline Swell Gallery and his pipe dream is a feature in Surfers Journal, a highly respected publication that’s only released six times a year. We’d also like to see him get back to his roots, shooting skiing, but it sounds like the beach is a stronger pull these days, “unless there’s a heli involved and [we're taking him] to British Columbia." Based on his success and growing following, it’s not a huge surprise. We think he’s found his calling.
Checkout Cory’s work on his website and be sure to follow him on instagram.

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