About Us

Our Story: 

When we started this, we sought out to create a pair of pants that functioned like a uniform; your everyday pant. Anyone who grew up in the mountains, playing and working outdoors, understands the need for a comfortable and highly durable pair of pants. We've carved a niche between technical sports gear and generic construction pants. The result is our beautifully fitting pair of pants; durable enough to wear anywhere and so good looking, you’ll want to wear them all of the time. 

Meet us:  

Austin and Howard Foote are brothers separated by 4 years and both passionate skiers and outdoorsmen. While living in Boulder, Colorado, the idea was born for the "uniform pant". It took some time, but things came together for us years later when we decided to ditch convention. The idea of slinging pants out of our car and spreading our passion for the outdoors sounded much more appealing. If you have any questions about anything please shoot an email to team@patrolusa.us. 

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